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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Definitely. If you haven’t worked with us in the past, please email with as much detail about the order as you can. Or log in to the webpage and fill in the details form.If you have ordered with us before, simply call, text or email the customer service insider you worked with on your last order.

A: On screen printing orders we will provide a free pre­production sample. For all other orders we provide digital mock ups or Embroidery samples after the digitising is approved and then sew outs are done as pre­production sample. All other decisions are at the discretion of the company and client.

A: Nope. Pricing varies depending on the total amount ordered and certain decoration processes are geared for ordering small amounts. Get in touch and we’ll help you figure out the best approach for your custom apparel order. Here’s a guideline:

  • embroidery ­ no minimum
  • digital printing ­ no minimum
  • screen printing ­ 10 pieces
  • 1 colour all over printing ­ 20 pieces
  • multi­colour all over printing ­ 40 pieces

A: Yes! Let us know how many you want and send over your art or a description of what you would like. We can help figure out the most inexpensive process for decorating just a few items. Also check our production section for direct orders based on your need. We will inform you about the availability.
A: The more details, the better! Below is the list of everything we need, and we can help get some of the specifics for you:

  • PO # (if you have one)
  • garment style #
  • garment colour
  • breakdown of total quantity in sizes
  • art, art file, and name for the design
  • date you need the order
  • ship to address
  • ship method or pick up
All orders are to be placed before 12pm daily will arrive the next day on most occasion unless there is some technical issues or public holidays.
A: Standard turn around time is 7­-14 days from when you have approved your art mock up and we have your garments in house. We can turn things sooner if needed, sometimes this incurs an additional cost.
A: We will always try to get your order completed for any time you need it even in a day. Please get in touch asap with the details of what you would like and the date/time you need it by.
A: Production begins once any art proofs have been approved and we have your garments in house. Changes made once production begins may result in additional charges. For example, if you have approved a screen print proof and you decide to change the size, we would need to re­make new screens with the new size of art.
A: We do not deliver, but we can make arrangements with a delivery service. If it’s convenient, you are welcome to come by and pick up your finished decoration order. We will keep you informed about pick ups through an email, text or call.
You can order from us directly! We offer close to wholesale prices and can get most products from any distributor or manufacturer. There a list of our suppliers on the Home Page which will take you directly to their website.That’s a lot of sites to visit, so if you have something in mind, just ask and we can direct you to the best site for what you’re looking for.
A: We can print on just about any fabric. Here are some points to consider when thinking about what garment you would like to decorate:

  • Certain fabrics (of a plastic or vinyl nature) melt during our screen print curing process. Setting the ink involves running the garment through a tunnel dryer. Air dry ink is a possibility, but we will need to look at the garment and design before we can determine printability.
  • Performance apparel, moisture wicking, and poly­cotton blends have a tendency to dye migrate. Dye migration is when the fabric dye contaminates the printed colour, altering the expected result.
  • Garments must be 100% cotton with no treatments (such as stain guard on aprons) for to be used for digital printing.
A: Screen printing requires a white layer of ink to be printed as a foundation before printing the actual colours in the logo for dark coloured shirts. This adds a little cost. We can print digitally on both light and dark shirts.
Yes, provided you are agreeing to pay for freight from and to the supplier if goods are returned. We do keep a lot of actual samples that are brand new items and can be tried on for sizes upon request. Most of the samples are New Zealand fit sizes.
A: Yep! Design jobs are quoted on a case by case basis at $65 per hour or $50+ GST for new designs. Typesetting can be done for as little as $25+GST.
A: Our ink system matches Pantone Solid colour books. We don’t mix using CMYK formulas or Hexachrome colours. We can always select the closest ink match to the art you have submitted or you are welcome to come by and pick colours from our Pantone book.
A: Yes, however there will be a re­stocking fee + cost of shipping the item.
A: We accept all formats, however, low resolution, word files, and other art that needs to be redrawn will incur a $35+ gst redraw charge to be assessed on a case by case basis. Adobe Illustrator files with all fonts converted to outlines are preferred. If submitting an Adobe Photoshop file, please be sure the art was created at a minimum of 300 dpi. Photoshop files may incur cost to separate.

A: Although we do all over printing, the process does not allow us to print over a shoulder. We can print the front and back, although there is “misprinting” that occurs around seam areas. The front and back prints will not line up exactly.